Where to place blankets when styling your home – For Sale!

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Do you love to snuggle on the sofa with your blanket and binge watch Netflix?

Let me stop you there especially – if you are selling your home.

Far too often we see homeowners keeping their napping blankets out for guests to see. 

One word….Baskets!

Can you spot the basket located above? This home is 33 Oak Place in New Iberia, La. & is currently for sale!

Your blankets can be hidden in plain sight!
I am that particular when photographing + styling that I will remove most of the blankets and display 1-3 blankets rolled inside of the basket or 1 casually draping down the side of the basket. Baskets without a lid are also an option. Although you’ll have to be a bit more aware of the blankets you put inside the basket.

Are you looking for a pop of color or something more neutral with texture?

As seasons change you may want to change up your displayed blankets so make sure the colors you choose match the rest of the decor in your home. For instance, if you have neutral colors and your feeling a fall look choose a display blanket that is not holiday specific and blends well with the accessories in your home.

Here are a few accent colors that go well with this burnt orange look.

  • Earthy Tones and Terra Cotta Blue
  • White & Black
  • Aqua with Orange Pairings
  • Rusty & Retro Home Decor
  • White + Pale Blue
  • Golden with Brownish-Orange

I am pretty basic so I always pull a neutral blanket! It is just more versatile as I am no longer one to change with the season. You can find seasonal or neutral blankets year round at Homegoods and TJ-MAxx for under $25!

Here are a few homes that have displayed blankets perfectly.

One on the left is from 108 Valerie In Lafayette, La. and we love the way it displays as a pillow in the room. Simple and Clean.
One on the right is from 1311 Katherine Drive in Opelousas La. You can barely notice it because we arranged in on the chair arm – Simple and Clean.

When photographing real estate these clean lines photograph better! If you have any styling questions I am here to help.

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