Who Has School Spirit… We Do!

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The school year has begun… which means new shoes, new uniforms, new teams and new mascots! The mascots of New Iberia Senior High School, Westgate High School, Catholic High School, Assembly Christian School and Highland Baptist Christian School were unveiled to me at Westgate High School for a unique session showcasing New Iberia School spirit. I could not believe that of all the mascots, there was only one that had the prior experience.

As a mascot alumni from NISH, I had to help coach them and get them warmed up for whats to come this school year. The first lesson was to show your spirit by giving us your best pose. They were all nervous as if people were watching them. This led to the best advice I could give… no one knows who is in the costume. They are actually not looking at your face or body. They are seeing the character that represents your school. So let’s check out what came of a little pep talk and a little music to get them moving!
Mascot with Fusion

Bee Mascot
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Tiger Mascot
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