Time to Get Picture Perfect

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Spring is here & Fusion is here to help you get your listing Picture Perfect.

Evidence of winter is fading and you may find yourself heading outdoors…to sporting events, for a walk, just to sit and soak up the sun or to freshen up your flower beds and gardens.  Many of you may find it refreshing to get out and rework your flowerbeds, while others have no idea know where to start. If you fall into the latter I am here to help.  I reached out to Blake Gilmore owner of The Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscaping for a few tips that will help you or your homeowner achieve great curb appeal.

1- Start by removing any old foliage or debris from the winter months.

2-Spread fertilizer on top of the soil.

3- Consider planting some colorful flowers to add instant life to your yard.

4- Bring in some fresh mulch to help retain moisture and keep out weeds.

5 Ways Fusion Can Help You When A Home Needs Something Extra:

1- Pre-Listing Consultation : We walk through the home with the homeowner giving tips. A room by room list is emailed to the client & agent with a deadline established to hit the market.

2- Photo-Style : Allow us to style the interior with items curated to the home on picture day. This will ensure the home is picture perfect in its best light.

3-Stage : From Accessory Install to Staging Living, Dining, Kitchen, Bedrooms and Bathrooms -we are able to elevate a home with on trend home decor and furniture that is available with monthly rental.

4- Twilight Session : Stand out with sunset images that will surely set the home apart. All interior and exterior lights are on which brings a warmth in which day time photos can’t achieve.

5- Social Media : The cherry on top! We are able to help your brand stand apart with custom graphics for your brand and listings.

As we reach the beginning of SPRING, there is no denying the beauty all around us. Not only is spring a great time to observe nature, it’s also an opportunity to get outdoors and get involved. Whether it’s going on a hike or helping with a local cleanup effort, you can make a difference. I hope that you take the time to savor the beauty around you and find ways to help your community grow. Have fun and enjoy the start of spring.



Jennifer Beslin

Fusion Photography

Owner/Photographer/Stager/UA Pilot