3 Tips To Get Your Bedroom Photo Ready

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Are you one to change your style by the season?


Here are a 3 tips to get your Bedroom Photo Ready:
1. Make Sure the Bedroom is Decluttered
Always remember less can often be more as I am a fan of open space. Open space allows the views eye to travel around the room and envision where they would place their items. On bedsides, style a lamp, some books, a candle, or a plant/flower.

2. Ensure it Matches the Theme of the Home
When styling the bedroom come sale time, I suggest you keep your base color palette fairly neutral. You want it to feel soothing and easy on the eye. With accessories like cushions and throws (and even art), that’s where you can play with your colors.

3. Layer the Bed like Never Before
Remember to make it plush. We know no-one sleeping a bed with 10+ pillows, but let’s add in some white!

For a photo-style we always bring in what the home needs. We add in a white / neutral color quilt, layer matching euro pillows and then add back personal bedding that may have already been in the room! For under $100 at TJMaxx, or HomeGoods you can upgrade your master bedroom from nice to inspirational. Are you ready to shop?